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Sunday, 30 October 2011

An Indicator (Finished)

Do you know??? Part – 2

Reservation > A powerful TOOL to make Us FOOL

Problem. “ Reservation in education / jobs is developed and used as a tool of politics to get votes instead of its primary benefit to deserved people.”
Suggestion. Reservation is introduced 60 years back and increased by governments. Primary objective of reservation was and is to bring each and every citizen at par in order to provide education, improve living standard, provide employment and get health benefits for people not able to get all primary/basic needs due to caste culture / Racism / health in our society.
After 60 years still it is continued, increased and misused by leaders / ministers / representatives for their vote benefits. Millions of funds / resources are granted from government, doesn’t reaches completely to deserving people. Reservation is for people who are not able to get basic/primary needs to improve living standard, get education, get employment and health aid  belonging to any caste / religion / group / community / gender.
This category/group of poor/ undeveloped / handicapped exists in all castes / religions / groups / communities. Then reservation only for some specific caste / religion / group / community / gender cannot benefit all deserved poor/ undeveloped / handicapped people. Reservation should not be given or benefit specific caste / religion / group / community / gender just because they fall in category of specific caste / religion / group / community / gender. Reservation should be given only and only to poor/ undeveloped / handicapped / orphans belonging to any caste/religion/group/community/gender without any discrimination.

Problem. “Mostly people are not educated enough & some are still illiterate. “
Suggestion. Education should be mandatory for all castes / religions / group / communities / gender. In fact minimum education till 12th should be compulsory and should be financially supported by government for all castes / religions / group / communities / gender. Overall 100% financial support, some percentage of reservation and all required resources for deserving poor/ undeveloped / handicapped / orphans of all castes / religions /groups / communities / gender should be provided by government.

Problem. “Most leaders/ ministers / representative don't spend much time in their department / sector / organization / areas. ”
Suggestion. All leaders / ministers / representative of all department / sectors / organizations / areas should have mandatory minimum working hours / days / weeks / months of physical presence in their respective department / sectors / organizations / areas. Without spending time and communicating or interacting  physically with the people they are working for and working with they can't understand actual concerns / issues / problems / requirements and would not be able to provide correct solution.
Problem. “Most of the meetings / judgments are done secretly and don’t have any evidence.”
Suggestion. All discussions / meetings / judgments should be electronically recorded and documented without fail. For future reference it will be great help for next generation and will have strong impact in public towards government. If possible most of these discussions / meetings / judgments recordings can be declared / published publically in internet / national television.

Problem. “Courts stretch case judgment for many years.”
Suggestion. Major number of court case judgments is stretched for long time without any proper / solid and valid reason and in fact some cases took many years. A maximum mandatory time frame for any court case judgment and investigation should be decided and not change / amended.

Problem. “Mostly public money spent is not declared accurately and more public money is given without previous explanation. Many government resources are not utilized to its required areas.”
Suggestion. No fund should be granted without proper declaration / explanation / and a quality check of previous tenders / jobs / supplies / services granted fund. It should be declared / published /explained publically in newspaper / internet / national television. Need to keep a track and verify that all resources provided by government are utilized in deserved areas of improvement completely. It’s been observed and issues are raised time to time but nothing is done to control it. If money / resource are not reaching to its correct / related / deserved area then no money and resource should be provided till utilization of previous money / resource is declared / published /explained publically in newspaper / internet / national television. All should be checked & verified.

Problem. “Major number of leaders / ministers / representative use government for self development and their relatives / organization / group is benefited through government and most of them don't give actual figures of their income & an asset till it is asked by court or any issue is heated.  In fact most leaders are very rich and live luxurious life. Mostly leaders / ministers / representative use power and authority for their family instead of public.”
Suggestion. Major number of leaders / ministers / representative became multi millionaires / billionaires by misuse of authority and power. Some were from poor background before they were elected/appointed, now they and their relatives / friends / family members / organizations / groups are well settled and turned into multi millionaires / billionaires and some of them posses’ lot of money in foreign banks in foreign currencies and assets internationally in various areas. All is done because they use government resources / funds for self development instead of public development.  All public related government tenders / jobs / supplies / services should not be given to any relative / friend / family member of any leaders / ministers / representative of government. Government should keep a track to check and verify this by proper follow up of the performance and quality of work to be done via tenders / jobs / supplies / services with help if some tool before these tenders / jobs / supplies/services are given.  All leaders / ministers / representative should declare / publish all his/her income & assets publically in newspaper / internet / national television.  All should be checked & verified before election / appointment. Like in business house all power/money/assets/resources are handed over to all family members of next generation. Some cases son inherits all power/money/assets/resources from his father / family. Similarly some leaders / ministers / representative always want to pass on his / her all power/money/assets/resources to other family member using his/her power and authority. It’s not a business or corporate office house. It is a service of nation to be carried out by anyone who is educated / experienced / responsible and aware of all concerns / issues raised with prioritizing and executing by required proper / correct methods / tools / skills / network. Unacceptable and wrong trend of passing on power/money/assets/resources cannot develop and benefit any castes / religions / group / communities / gender.

It is definitely fatal for the nation.

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