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Sunday, 30 October 2011

An Indicator (Continued)

Do you know??? Part – 1

Problem. “Most leaders are not educated enough and don’t have enough knowledge in their department/ sector / organization. A large number of leaders / ministers / representatives are from criminal background or has pending case in court.”
Suggestion. Some eligibility criteria should be revised for all leaders / ministers / representative and should have some qualification / education/experience/skill. Any leaders / ministers / representative of government from criminal background or have pending case in court should not be allowed to be elected / appointed in order to avoid any Influence / misuse of authority and power .In order to understand and resolve concerns/issues completely they should have enough experience / knowledge / skills / education in their respective department / sector / organization. An experienced CA can manage finance department very well. An experienced doctor can understand health related issues very well and can provide more effective solutions. If these roles are swapped then both departments may suffer.

Problem. “Some leaders / ministers / representative don’t know how to speak /communicate in national language Hindi and English which is second most spoken language. However many leaders / ministers / representative don’t hesitate in using un parliamentary language or accusing their opponents baselessly just to get attention and be in the news.”
Suggestion .Mostly people use Hindi language across the country and majority of newspapers / news channels / entertainment channels / films / books use Hindi as primary language. It should be mandatory for all leaders / ministers / representative to speak / communicate / read / write in national language Hindi and most spoken language English excluding their native language. They should know to read / write / speak at least Hindi & English. If they don’t know first they should learn both languages then proceed. It will take a month to learn both languages (learning has no age bar). All leaders / ministers / representative should maintain decency and avoid using un parliamentary language while interacting with public and talking to media. Should not impose / accuse or give any statement about any issue / concern without proper / solid / valid evidence. Facts and figures should be accurate and well recorded / documented before imposing / accusing anyone. It becomes weird when they become hostile and resulting trust, respect moreover importance of that concern / issue raised comes under doubt .

Can It be done?

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