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Sunday, 30 October 2011

An Indicator (Continued)

Are we in safe hands??? Part – 3

If Government is not getting proper income then that Government will not provide effective facilities / Aid to public.  This will lead to bad roads, Poor street lights, Weak bridges & Dams constructed using cheap quality materials.

Then someday some bridge & Dam will collapse much before its tenure. Railway stations, Bus Stations, Hospitals and consumables will also be affected which are directly connected and main requirement of each and every citizen of country.

It’s a very small example and it’s a naked truth and in fact most of us are aware about this, then also most of us are enjoy sleeping in daylight with open eyes.  Some of us don’t even hesitate when we use fake bills to save income tax, show much more expenses than actual to get more rebate and even sometimes no TAX.  (That money goes directly to corrupt individual instead of Government).

When any a minor rule / law is broken by someone, a minor fine or penalty is to be charged to avoid same mistake in future. But most of us will try to settle it down without paying actual fine or penalty and will give some money to that leader / minister / representative / Government Employee. (That money goes directly to corrupt individual instead of Government).

Sometimes in recruitment of security forces or any other Government Service candidates pay huge amount of money to clear medical examination / interview / written examination the Government Service. Some candidates might end up selling their valuables/ land/property or take a loan from private loan provider. Now if a candidate is not medically fit and pays 2 lac Rs to some leader / minister / representative / Government Employee for recruitment, what is the surety that he/she will protect public. Similarly if someone follows same to get a Job is to collect Tax from business houses, he/she will first take out his/her investment with interest by ignoring and misrepresenting actual taxation figures and will charge some money from business house and Government will not get a single rupee.

These are some very small incidents which occur around us. We are in habit of ignoring and overlooking these incidents. We cannot blame government for its leaders / ministers / representatives / Employees, because it is started and supported by us. This kind of ignorance will increase corruption and will encourage leaders / ministers / representatives / Government Employees not to work until we bribe them or do some kind of illegal favor for them.

Not any elected government of any political party or group of parties (Alliance) will be able to give us uncorrupted society with no scandals, secure and best living environment till we stop encouraging this. We can stop this by reacting or simply do work with proper channel and act like a questionnaire. Don’t stop asking for an explanation and if possible document it.

Free movement of all citizens across the country without any discrimination of language / community / food /dressings is to be ensured by each State government primarily. Citizens cannot and should not be forced to follow regional language / culture / dressings / food by any individual / community against his /her choice.

Many of our elected leader/representative don’t respect national language, national flag, national animal, National bird etc, then what kind of leader / representative he/ she is. It’s a shame that majorty of our so called leaders / representatives do take oath in national language (Hindi) and they claim to be honest / respectful towards nation. Who believes in that?. Atleast I DO NOT.

Any country progresses by 3Es i.e. Education, Employment and Economy. Good Education will give Good Employment and eventually Economy will be stronger. 

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