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Sunday, 30 October 2011

An Indicator (Continued)

Are we in safe hands??? Part – 2

Who is a Tax Collector?

Few departments / sectors / organizations department works properly or corruption free and follow the protocols. Many departments / sectors / organizations do not work properly & are fully corrupted and don’t follow the protocol.
Let us take an example of Taxation department. Many taxes are imposed on public in order to get money to run government for public by different departments / organizations. Some known taxes are given below for better understanding. 

Tax Type
Sales tax
Goods sold in inter-state trade
State Government
Income tax
Income of Individuals & Companies
Central Government
Road tax & Toll tax
Vehicle owners
State Government
Corporation Tax
Corporation / firms/ Industries
Central Government
Entertainment Tax
Movie Tickets, Large Commercial Shows, Large Private Festival Celebrations
State Government

These taxes are paid by individuals / Business Houses / Firms / Organizations to respective Governments  so that money can be spent collectively in various facilities we use such as roads, street lights, bridges, security, public places, stations, airport etc. and live without fear or worries.
It has been observed and lot of sting operations proved that  some leaders / ministers / representatives / Government Employees of these departments / sectors / organizations do not record actual figures from Tax payer. They do this to benefit themselves and for some Tax payers, which leads collection of less tax or no Tax is collected for Government.
In return a Tax Payer gives some undeclared amount of money to these leaders / ministers / representatives / Government Employees to ignore actual tax figures resulting less collection of tax, which will effects Government income.  

Don’t We have right to know where my / our Money is going?

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