Whenever I am working on some problem I never think about beauty. But when I finish if result is not beautiful I know its wrong.

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Sunday, 30 October 2011

An Indicator

Are we in safe hands??? Part – 1

What is a bouquet?

 A bouquet is bunch of flowers with variety of flowers of different colors, fragrance and size. Similarly in India we have different religions, languages, dressing, food and seasons. It’s our strength and uniqueness which makes us totally different from rest of the world. We have very old, rich and unique culture of many religions, languages, food, music, art and most important its people. We are one of the biggest republic countries around the world. We choose our Leaders / Ministers / Representatives by election in every 5 years. Elected political party or group of parties (Alliance) is responsible to  educate us , provide good and healthy environment, maintain law and order, secure our borders, provide employment, develop a corruption free society, take care of our health, provide us basic living needs i.e. food, cloth, electricity, communications, transport & shelter  to all of us without any discrimination.
Government is formed by electing its leaders /representatives from a political party present in country.  Independent elections are conducted across the country and state. The political party or group of parties (Alliance) which has maximum numbers of leaders /representatives form a government for 5 years to carry out duty to serve people who elected them. That means each and every individual / citizen of country should be benefitted by them without any discrimination. We expect this from that elected government because it is a GOVERNMENT ELECTED by us.

Is there any elected government of any political party or group of parties (Alliance) succeeded in this?

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